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Harms & Wende lives and practices co-operation in partnership
with our partners and customers. We put attractive offers together
for you to optimize production.

During period from 20.04.2020 - 30.05.2020
we are pleased to offer the following packages


Package 1:
GeniusHWI – with Option IQR + QI                           Free-of-charge
Combine proven adaptive spot welding of steel with IQR and
subsequent quality assurance with the Q-Inspector (Quality Inspector).
Further information on package 1


Package 2:
GeniusHWI Pro-Version                                           Price of Basic
Add 4 monitoring inspectors to your Genius systems and secure your
process in-line.
Further information on package 2


Package 3:
Operating software XPegasus Gold                            Price of Silver
Supplement your XPegasus with a powerful database for your welding data.
Archive your welding data for process analysis. Document your quality.
Further information on package 3


Package 4:
Update XPegasus Silver or Gold                                Savings up to € 1450
Just order a one-day introduction at your company and start using the QI-Inspector.
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