FiliusAC (line frequency)

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FiliusAC (Mains frequency 50/60 Hz)


FiliusAC - comfortable welding with AC

FiliusAC ist the successor of our proven MPS 100/200/300 control series. In addition to the common functions like constant current regulation and spot counter, we accrued a set of new functions. These functions target on the one hand exploit and on the other hand more comfort.

Filius stands out due to a compact form of structure which fits in nearly every welding application. FiliusAC works almost exclusively with self-explanatory symbols. By rotating and pushing of the central wheel the usability ist very easy. Owing to the USB interface different progams can be transmitted between the different controls. The off-line programming via XFilius at the PC is handy possible, too (optional).

With FiliusAC you can choose between version mono (8 welding programs) and version multi (32 programs).

It is no problem to update an extant system. Filius works with all SCR units.

You can get Fililus in the familiar high configuration or – as you can see in the picture – in the compact configuration.

You can get our MPS series as usual, but we recommend the Filius for new projects.

Welding application

Function table FiliusAC (selection)
Function FiliusMono Filius Multi MPS Series
Number of programs 8 32 max 8
Constant current regulation  No Option Option
Counter 1 2 1
Max. spot 1


Impulsations 9 9 9
Menu with text partial partial yes
Language independent menues yes yes no
Number of concurrent languages 3 3 1
Data backup yes yes no
Data restore yes yes no
Logfile (via USB) yes yes no
Copy programs (intern) yes yes no
Copy programs via USB yes yes no
Internal program selection yes yes no
External program selection yes yes yes