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...with separate user panel, flexible as you need it.

FiliusMFS is the combination of a Filius user panel and a separted medium frequency power unit. 

This offers the following advantages for you:

    • Operational- and programming comfort of our Filius timer series. Flexible placement of the power unit FiliusMFP.

Depending on the current requirements choose between 400 A up to 3500 A. Functions are the same as on FiliusAC.

Since the operation of Filius in all technologies is the same from AC to HF (high frequency) the learning process is short and off-loads your maintence staff in many aspects. Instead of reading manuals they can focus on their work - maintaining systems.

FiliusMFS works mainly with symbols rather than text. Two language modules are always on board and can be exchanged by USB upload if desired. This makes Filius the optimal solution for internationl distributed productions.

Get away from long term and complex trainings - Filius is quite seld explaining - do your work rather than reading manuals. Operate your Filius - powerful and smart.