Our Genius inverter for micro welding

Genius HWI Basic e.g. for application of small parts

For resistance welding of small components and parts in the small part category we suggest our medium-frequency inverter Genius HWI Basic.

The Basic version is the perfect inverter for your standard machines. Its basic equipment encompasses 24V I/Os and 1 x proportional valve. Constant current regulation, limit value monitoring and a distance inspector also form part of the basic equipment as well as visualization of the last 10 resistance, current and voltage curves.

Electrode management and proportional valve control are, of course, also included. As standard, the inverters are equipped with an Ethernet network interface, enabling you to network all devices. It can also be prepared for our IQR and PQS welding system.

The power connections of the GeniusHWI406 to GeniusHWI416 devices are designed with terminals. From GeniusHWI424 to GeniusHWI460, connecting rails are used.

Technical data:

  •     256 programs
  •     3 current times
  •     Digital 24 V I/Os
  •     Constant current regulation(KSR)
  •     Electrode management
  •     Current upslope
  •     Current downslope
  •     Pulses
  •     Output of proportional valve
  •     Visualization of readings
  •     Limit value monitoring current


    S - inspektor (distance): Part control, sliding distance

We also offer these components within control cabinets too.