About HWH

Open, honest and in partnership – that creates trust. Trust unites!

Harms & Wende

About HWH

We – the team of the Harms & Wende company – treat our customers like our friends: Openly, honestly and in partnership – that creates trust. Trust unites!

For more than 75 years, we have been developing solutions for the permanently changing requirements of resistance and friction welding technology as well as quality assurance for these welding processes. With the security of many years of tradition and the bravura of successful innovators, we offer the extraordinary and the tried and tested. And since we know from experience that real success is a joint production, dealing with our customers in a spirit of partnership takes on a special significance.

Harms & Wende has stood for competence, innovation and meaningful solution orientation since the company was founded in 1946. From day one, it has been our ambition to develop and quickly implement innovative processes in resistance and friction welding technology at the highest level. A claim that we continue to put into practice every day together with our customers and partners. In doing so, we always have welding quality and efficiency in our sights: striving for continuous further development and optimization of our welding systems and controls as well as the software.
In addition, individual, customer-specific solutions are also a driver and source of our motivation. We always want to realize new ideas and manufacture innovative systems that are characterized by efficiency, economy and safe connections. After all, in the tradition of our founders, we are fully committed to the idea of innovation.

Service and customer orientation are also firmly anchored in our corporate philosophy. That is why the wishes and concerns of our clients have top priority for us.

We are convinced that trust is the basis of successful cooperation and therefore rely on an open, honest and friendly customer relationship. For this philosophy we have already been awarded several times as customer champion. To ensure that we live up to our claim and continue to inspire our clients, we regularly conduct customer satisfaction analyses and continuously adapt our range of services to new requirements. In this way, we ensure that Harms & Wende will continue to act competently, innovatively, efficiently and solution-oriented in the future.

With our system portfolio, developments and experience, we cover the entire spectrum of resistance and friction welding. In doing so, we set high standards in the use of innovative technologies – be it as a pioneer of medium frequency or as a forerunner for adaptive controls and inline monitoring systems. In order to be able to meet this demand in the future as well, we dealt with the possibilities of digitalization at an early stage and developed solutions that can be used to weld more efficiently, economically and individually. In addition, we now manufacture networkable products that can be integrated into manufacturing processes, thus laying the foundation for the realization of Industry 4.0. When developing new products, we always pursue the goal of achieving economic and technological optimization of the welding process. In doing so, we always have resource conservation and the environment in mind. The environmental award for our GeniusMFI system and the award as an eco-profit company impressively demonstrate how energy-efficient and environmentally friendly our technologies as well as our production processes are. To ensure the greatest possible process reliability, we rely on reproducible parameters during welding. Because what is reproducible is controllable and can be controlled.