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The Filius welding control

The Filius welding control family was designed to use single-station machines for different welding processes. A well thought-out concept enables you to use different technologies of mains frequency (50/60 Hz) and medium frequency in a uniform way. A wealth of features coupled with low cost, makes your production cost-effective. Thanks to a USB interface in the front panel, you can quickly move programs and other data between controllers. Programming is done either via your PC (XFilius) or directly at the control by pressing and turning the central wheel. Largely working with symbols, forgetting linguistic boundaries. In addition, you can connect a remote control to your Filius in certain constellations. This allows operation via a second operating device. This is useful, for example, for double welding cells with two operators. Each operator will have their own device.We have grouped the structure of the Filius family here for you by technology - Look around.


System structure

Filius structure at a glance
Function FiliusAC FiliusMF    
Timer and power unit integrated no yes    
Timer and power unit separated yes no    
Language modules (changable by USB) 2 2    
Off-Line operation by XFilius Software yes yes    
Welding technology 50/60 Hz 1000 Hz  


Operating system-based control structure.

  • Same menu navigation for 50 / 60Hz and 1kHz.
  • easy handling by turning-and-pressing principle.
  • self-explanatory menu navigation.
  • multilingual. Language modules are reloadable.
  • Data backup / import via USB stick.
  • Firmware update via USB stick.
  • Successor of the control types of the MPS200 family.