In the case of functional impairment, we offer you the possibility of a check and repair in our house



Should the product ever have a functional impairment, we offer you the possibility of an inspection and repair in our company. Furthermore, we offer you the additional option of an express repair, if required, in order to keep the time loss of production for you as low as possible. We are also happy to offer you used equipment at very good conditions and with 6 months warranty. Contact us, we will check the availability of your product. In the course of repairs, you can also functionally adapt your product to your needs with an upgrade. Likewise, the topic of retrofitting is another option that we would like to offer you. Our sales and repair departments are available to provide advice and assistance as needed.

In order to help you quickly and effectively in case of repair, we need some information from you. Please fill out the form Repair Request EN DE. You can enter all the required information directly into the form. The fields outlined in red are mandatory fields. Please be sure to fill them out. Your information is needed to process the repair and enable a smooth process. Click the Send button. The form will be automatically inserted into your email program and an email will be generated. In them you can insert other important information such as photos and logbooks.

Please include a printout of the completed form with the package before shipping the defective unit.

Often, problems in systems can be resolved without a service call. Therefore, please follow the steps below in case of an error before contacting us:

  • Check the manual to see what the message(s) mean. Many messages will help you locate the error, which is often outside the controller. By following the instructions, many problems can be resolved directly.
  • Check the connection cables. There may be a broken cable. This can happen if cables are often bent, such as cables for the current measuring belt and voltage measurement for the IQR control.
  • Do you have a spare controller? If you suspect that the controller is defective, replace it with a spare controller. If the error no longer occurs, your controller is defective.

Repair request:



Should the product ever have a functional impairment, we offer you the possibility of an inspection and repair in our company

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