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Web seminars – Harms & Wende

Seminar program 2024.

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Web seminars – Harms & Wende

Seminar program 2024.

It is held on the third Tuesday of each month and a special topic is presented by one of our subject specialists in a compact, 30-minute team meeting, followed by a question and answer session.

We have already planned some dates in advance and would like to present them below:

02/28/2024 – Resistance roller seam welding

03/19/2024 – Sinius welding processor – the all-rounder with many faces

16/04/2024 – Friction spot welding the introduction

21/05/2024 – Ensure your welding quality with the new IQflex package for resistance spot welding of steel

25/06/2024 – (KIZ) new customer information center at HWH

All these meetings are of course free of charge for our customers and interested parties.

In exceptional cases, changes may occur – so it’s best to keep an eye on everything and sign up for our web seminar newsletter!

To do so, please send a short e-mail with the subject “Newsletter” to and you will not miss any of our invitations in the future!