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“HWH Colloquium: Resistance and Friction Welding – Safely into the Future!

Have you already marked May 4-5, 2023 in your calendar with a thick, red pen? If not, it’s time to […]

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“HWH Colloquium: Resistance and Friction Welding – Safely into the Future!

Have you already marked May 4-5, 2023 in your calendar with a thick, red pen? If not, it’s time to do so now, because you definitely don’t want to miss our Harms & Wende Colloquium: ‘Resistance Welding – Safely into the Future’. This event will show you ways and solutions to master the technical and digital transformation for resistance and friction welding.

The demands placed on resistance and friction welding processes are continuously growing, On the one hand, new steel and composite materials are emerging, and on the other, the increasing trend towards digitalization is presenting significant challenges for users.

Besides practical lectures on resistance spot, projection, and roller seam welding, the HWH Colloquium at Harms & Wende GmbH & Co. KG in Hamburg will feature various system demonstrations in the welding laboratory, forming the core of the event. Friction welding, as well as the emerging fields of digital transformation (Industry 4.0), and a Hanseatic evening program will complete the conference, providing ample opportunities to examine and discuss future challenges in detail.

The 1 ½-day colloquium on May 4-5 is specifically designed for users, system integrators, and equipment manufacturers involved in resistance and/or friction welding. Short and concise presentations will bring best practices, new methods, and current developments to life. Examples of topics covered include special operating modes such as “HSC” (for projection welding), “IQflex” (for spot welding), “AMF” (for aluminum welding), and “Seam” (for roller seam welding). The safe welding spot is the focus of the approach.
In addition to optimizing welding processes, the colloquium will also address the practical aspects of digital transformation.

As a specialist in welding control systems, Harms & Wende also offers various concepts for data transmission related to this topic. Discover more about the applications and potential of data communication using interfaces such as ‘OPC-UA’ or ‘MQTT’.

Furthermore, attendees will also gain insights into intelligent solutions for friction welding of mixed joints (such as ALU-brass or copper-ALU), which are relevant for the e-mobility sector as well as many other industrial applications.

Our colloquium is aimed at our partners and customers who require knowledge to prepare their operations for the future, specifically in the areas of resistance and friction welding. Attendees will gain insight into practical welding techniques and digital solutions that can give them a competitive edge. We are excited to welcome you to the event,” says Fritz Luidhardt, Sales Manager at HWH

The number of participants is limited Register today – and it’s completely free of charge.
“You can find information about the colloquium and program details here: Agenda

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